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Website Development

Website development is a scope of work that begins with planning and ends with the launch of the website or can continue with the maintenance of social media marketing and blog posts. 

Web Development Process

To begin any website development project, we gather all the information to better understand your business, your goals and you.This helps to  create the site you want and need.

Planning the design by using a site map(a visual layout) helps to make sure the design will be attractive to the target audience.

We use a silo in the planning stage to create keyword strategy as well as developing links to integrate and validate the keywords for each individual page as this builds depth to your pages while validating your brand with Google and your target audience.

The design process will consist of the photo content and strategically  written content in a layout that will attract your target audience and Google crawlers. We always include you in this process and the in-development site is available to you so you can keep up to date on our work and make any corrections or changes you prefer.

While writing content ,we keep in mind SEO(search Engine Optimization), to make the content keyword rich. See our SEO page for a more in-depth view of this process.

Testing the site before we launch to make sure pages are loading and working correctly and that all links are connecting properly. We always double check to make sure the site is conveying your branding message and adapt any needed changes at this point.

SEO work begins here. Writing  tag lines, meta descriptions and snippets as well as using Google analytics to make sure the site is indexed and ranked in Google. Our SEO page delves deeper into this subject.

The web development work will normally end with a successful launch but we also include SMM(social media marketing) in the developmental process. Even with a beautiful website and a high SEO rating you will need SMM to continue to reach your target audience and maintain that high SEO score. As you can see with this website development overview it’s a large, in depth process that takes knowledge and intense planning to achieve your goals. We use website architecture,content implementation, with the goal being conversion(sales) for your brand. 

Strategic Content

Stategic content or content implementation is the process of writing content that uses keywords, SEO strategy and information directed to your target audience to achieve a high Google ranking and not only allow for high click thru rates but increases Dwell Time.


Researching your business helps define the project. A greater understanding of your goals leads to a better  project result. 


A site map will enable you to visualize the project from beginning to end. Planning is essential for sucess in web development.


Know your target audience. Reaching them through your site,blogs and social media increases your Google ranking and leads to conversions.

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