Our 6 Step Web Development & Design Process

A quality web design is much more than building a website, having a step-by-step approach to a website design project, shows the work and skill involved in developing a successful online presence.

Our first step: Research & Discover

Gathering information is important for us to learn more about your business and industry. What  your business or organization does, Who your customers and competitors are, what is the goal of your website? .etc

Second Step: Plan

The planning phase of website design includes 3 basic tasks:

1.Review or Create an SEO Strategy

2.Create the Website Sitemap

3.Content Review & Development

Third Step: Design

The third step of the web design process is to design how the website will look. In this step, a website wire frame is created with basic web page elements such as the header, navigation, widgets, etc. The wire frame can then be moved into a more realistic mock-up using a program such as Photoshop.


Forth Step: Development

In the Development step, the website design is translated to actual code that allows the website work. This stage can be rather lengthy. 

Basic website development steps include:

1.Installing WordPress on a host or testing server.

2.Installing a WordPress starter theme

3.Installing a WordPress backup plugin

4. Translate the mock up design to a live site.

5.Testing and optimizing along the way.

Fifth Step: Launch

Before launch, we make sure that everything on the website works exactly as it’s supposed to,
this is a crucial step to ensure a smooth and successful launch.


Sixth  Step: Maintain

Website maintenance is important for the long-term health and success of a website.

We offer a basic level WordPress maintenance service that includes the following necessary actions to keep a WordPress site running smoothly:

*WordPress Updates
*Theme and Plugin Updates
*WordPress Backups
*WordPress Security
*Analytics Tracking & Reporting
*WordPress Hosting


We develop and design our websites using the most popular CMS in the world; WordPress

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) in the world, used to develop and edit approximately 60% of new websites. WordPress powers 32% of all websites.  WordPress is free to install and set up, upgrading is a snap. Countless plugins themes and templates power a forgiving and simple interface, which saves on development and implementation costs and time.

WordPress themes and plug-ins;  being an open source CMS , WordPress developers around the globe are constantly developing themes and plug-ins that can be used for any website style or application.

We can help you with your project from beginning to end. Let us help you define your goals and pinpoint the people you want to reach with your website. We will design your website using creative , strategically written content that is full of information that your users are looking for and  content that Google loves. We will do the SEO work on your website that will place you high in Google rankings.  Help set you up with social media marketing and add blogging to your website to continue interest from your users and maintain a high Google ranking.


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