Sinking Cove Hunting Club

Sinking Cove Hunting Club Rules 2018/2019


1. Membership by invitation only. Annual dues are $110 dollars (subject to change with lease cost changes) 

2.Only Club members are eligible to hunt on this property. With the exception of a member’s juvenile child / step/grandchild. When the juvenile must purchase an adult license, they are then eligible to be considered for membership in the club. 

3.All dues are to be paid by November 25th each year for the next year’s membership. 

4.The camp is for member use only. When used you are responsible for cleaning up before leaving. DO NOT leave garbage on the site. Tables/benches/chairs/etc. may be built at camp. 

5.Each year the weekend after Labor Day will be “Clean Up Day” unless otherwise noted. 

6.Members will be allowed to drive on and park ATVs on the logging roads and at the designated parking areas in the lower field across the creek. A member may also drive on marked horse trails and logging roads to retrieve deer. If caught driving in any other area, you may be subject to forfeit your membership and all paid dues. 

7.Driving ATV’s on the logging roads should be kept to a MINIMUM between the hours of (Daylight to 11am) and also between (3pm to Dark). If you must drive between these times, be respectful of other hunters and try to be as quite as possible. 

8.Motor vehicles will be allowed to park on the main road, at the old barn and in camp. Do not block campground road. 9.You must have all necessary TN hunting license to hunt on the property. 

10. To help manage the deer on the property there will be a harvest log located at the club cabin in the campground. All members are REQUIRED to log their kill in
the harvest log. Failure to abide by the rule will result in a $25 fine for the first offense and dismissal from the club on the second offense. 

11. Bucks taken mist have at least 3 points on one side (excludes juvenile hunters). Buck harvest limit is in accordance with TWRA rules. Doe limit will be set per year (2018/2019 2 doe limit). 

12. Members are not allowed to hunt within 25 yards of a property line or 100 yards of another member. 

13.When heading to a stand if somebody shines a light indicating he is on a stand, then a member in route must change direction. You may go around the member if you circle far enough as to not interfere with the member in the stand. 

14. Tree stands, blinds and shooting houses may be used on the property. To help prevent trespassing on the property, members first and last name MUST BE VISIBLE on their stands or blinds. Starting January 1st 2019 all stands not labeled with members first and last name will be REMOVED from property. 

The club is for all members, if we each do our part, it will be an enjoyable place for us all. If any of the above rules are violated, you may be asked to return your membership and forfeit any paid dues. If a member who has been dismissed has a camper or any other belongings on the club property, you will have 30 days of notification to remove your property. Any personal property not removed within the 30-day period will be forfeited to the club. 

Download Sinking Cove Hunting Club Rules

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