6 good reasons to consider hiring a freelance web designer.

As a husband and wife freelance team, we bring a lot of talent and techniques to the industry of online marketing, website development, and design. Sometimes there’s plenty of work and sometimes there isn’t. Being a small business ourselves, no one knows the frustrations and obstacles of trying to compete against large businesses as we do.

Survival of the fittest 

If not marketing, developing or designing a website, we are looking for our next project by marketing ourselves, honing our skills and waiting for the phone to ring all while competing against the advertising dollar. We all need and want more work, but every year the phones ring less and less. Trying to stay a step ahead of our competition is a daily routine.

An uphill battle with technology.

We all love technology, that’s what our business thrives on.  But with ever-evolving technology comes simplicity. People can build their own websites. It is very easy to have a web presence in no time at all. There’s many do it yourself web builders available today for anyone with a laptop and an internet connection.  Designing a website is simple and with all of the available themes, not only is it simple but people are making remarkable websites.

Standing out above the rest.

The problem that most do-it-yourself people don’t realize, is the fact that just having a website isn’t a guarantee that it will help their business. Yes, that do-it-yourself website looks great but without the right marketing, research, planning, and optimization, you may as well build a store in the middle of a forest, sure there will be a few stumbles upon it but that isn’t enough traffic to even worry about having a website.

The internet is vast and your website is just another .com among millions of .com’s. Your website is beautiful and you are proud of it, you want everyone to see it so you post your URL wherever you can but the effort seems pointless

That’s where a freelance web designer can help. 

We know how important your business is to you, we understand that you want to grow and prosper, we also know that saving money is why most business owners that choose to build their own websites, do so. We also know that if a business owner has time to build and maintain his or her own website, the business isn’t prospering We understand, We Feel Your Pain!

Our business depends on your business’ success.

As web designers and developers, we know the importance of marketing. We market ourselves against strong competition daily. We want business as much if not more than our clients. For a freelance designer, competition ranges from other freelancers just like ourselves, people who can make gorgeous websites and know marketing ins and outs all the way to large web design agencies. These agencies have the money to run ads and have a team of talented designers and developers. 

A lot to prove!

Trying to stand out is a must for us freelance designers.  What we do, is stay on top of the latest trends, and marketing techniques. We know what SEO is and how critical it is for business success. We know how to write content that search engines will rank, we know how to set images for optimum website performance, we know how to read and understand google analytics.  Our knowledge is great. So when a client is trying to decide if he or she should go with an agency or a freelancer designer they need to know that we will perform as well and in most cases better than an agency. If you don’t succeed we don’t succeed!


Here are some examples why a business owner should consider hiring a freelance web designer?


Reason #1: Understanding 

We feel your pain and we know what you are up against. One of the reasons that we are so personable and understanding.

Reason # 2: Cost

 Freelance web designers have less overhead, that’s because most of us work out of our home. Thus we do not have to charge you a ton to pay for a commercial property and a team of experts salaries.

Reason # 3: Communication

When you work with us or other freelancers, for the most part, you are dealing with one or two specific people, This means direct communication and understanding between the designer and the client, which also means less hassle for you the client.

Reason #4: Turn Around Time

Freelancers are not covered up with multiple jobs. Most of us only take on jobs that we can handle by ourselves so our turn around time is almost always quicker than an agency. We set own hours, usually working long hours to get your project finished on time.

Reason #5: Uniformity

Most freelancers are multi-talented. We are graphic designers, photographers, UX designers as well as being IT savvy. We understand marketing and how search engines work. All of this know-how is what it takes to make a successful website. Working on all attributes of your website can help keep your websites design and style uniform. For a website to really work, all of the various elements have to perform well in unison. Building a website from start to finish a freelance designer knows every element of that website individual putting a site together helps make that happen.

Reason #6: Workmanship

The quality and workmanship you get from either a freelancer or an agency depend highly on the nature of the design firm or the freelancer. It is very possible to find a freelance designer that will create a higher quality website at a more feasible cost than a large design firm.


The benefits of working with a freelance designer: Cost, Speed, Understanding, Uniformity, and Quality. A freelancer has very little overhead, saving you money from the start. A freelance web designer has flexible schedules, he/she can work long hours to meet deadlines and to ensure the work is completed in a timely manner. Freelancers feel your pain, They understand the frustrations of digital marketing. The lack of overhead and flexible schedule can result in projects that cost less and get done in a timely manner and the quality you’d expect from a web design agency.

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